Jan 10

IN THE HAUS Headlines!

Setup and Fix Up

We can make your instrument better!

1961 Gibson ES-335 Neck - Before

Setup work (see the “Read more” link above the news column for a detailed description) will make your instrument play, sound, and look better. The above picture is the neck of a 1961 Gibson ES-335. The fingerboard is filthy (that black stuff that looks almost like charcoal is actually dirt), and the frets are flat topped and rough. This next image…

1961 Gibson ES-335 Neck - After

is that same neck, with the fingerboard cleaned (filth does not make tone or “mojo”!) and the frets leveled, crowned and polished. With the other work done (electronics cleaned up, original type vintage tuners and bridge reinstalled, etc) this is a wonderful instrument. New or old, or even vintage, we can help your instrument be the best it can be. Even what would appear to be catastrophic damage can be fixed, we don’t charge for estimates so bring in your damaged treasures, too. Setup or fix up, we can make your instrument better!

PRS Santana SE One Abraxas
PRS Santana SE One Abraxas
These were a limited production run, we managed to snag two of them for our customers. One is available, still new! This is a toneful beast! Made from solid Mahogany, with a Mahogany set neck, a single P-90 pickup and just a volume control, it can only sound great! One GVMH customer will be fortunate, indeed!

Custom Guitar of the Week

Nick's customized Gibson - body

This is more highly customized than it may appear. The pickup selector switch was originally below the bridge (the original hole is plugged with a maple cap that we can remove if/when desired). Setup work, EMG pickups (with all new potentiometers), a TonePros bridge, and a nice bone nut have made this a rock monster! And since we have this nice bone nut picture, we may as well use it for the next item, too…

Nick's customized Gibson - headstock

Bone Nut Spotlight

(see above this time…) We have touted the advantages of bone nuts many times (both here and in the shop), this time we wanted to show how they sometimes turn out bright white. The tone is still the real reason for this, but the cool beauty of it is great
to see, too!

Rapco Cloth Cables

Cloth covered cable assortment

We have a great selection of Rapco cloth covered cables in stock. The cloth covered cables don’t tangle up as easily as the normal plastic/rubber covered cables, and they are distinctive looking as a bonus. They look and sound great, and are easily identifiable at the end of the gig or rehearsal. We get new colors and patterns fairly regularly, we will probably have one that you will love.

New Financing Options Available

We have new financing plans available with the GVMH Credit Card! Come on in, sign up and use your new account to take home your item(s) today!

German Village Music Haus Credit Card!

NAMM Music Money card

We are happy to offer the German Village Music Haus credit card! Offered through GE Financial, in association with NAMM, this program allows us to offer our customers many options, from standard credit card transactions to 3, 6 or 12 months same as cash (some limitations apply…)! Applying is fast and easy, and approval decisions are instant! So now we can offer our easy layaway, or credit for those who wish to use it (and qualify). You can even move from layaway to credit (but not the other way…) and take your purchase home today! Come on in and apply for yours!