Apr 06

IN THE HAUS Headlines!

What is this?

Mystery Plugs

Something new…?

Heritage H157 and H150

When “Good Enough” isn’t

Heritage H157 and H150

This stunning set of siblings are a Heritage H157 and an H150, both in Old Style Sunburst. Both have solid mahogany bodies, mahogany set necks, figured maple tops, and both now have Seymour Duncan Jazz neck and JB bridge pickups and bone nuts. The H150 has a rosewood fingerboard with trapezoid Mother of Pearl inlays and single ply binding on the top and neck. The H157 ups the ante with an ebony
fingerboard, block Mother of Pearl inlays, and multi-ply binding both front and back on the body, the neck and headstock. Heritage still 100% hand crafts these fine instruments, and their decades of experience shines through.

McCarty Cousins

H575 and SCHBI

How is that for a stunning pair (circumstances necessitated a rushed shot, the guitars deserve better)? On the left, we have a Heritage H575 (in Vintage Wine Burst), and on the right a PRS Singlecut Hollowbody I (in Dark Cherry Sunburst). Both of
these are descended from Ted McCarty’s vision of how guitars should be made. The Heritage is a classic all solid wood archtop, hand crafted in Kalamazoo Michigan at the plant Ted once presided over, and the PRS a tribute to Ted’s vision. The PRS is stock, the H575 has had a Foley Bone Top Bridge added and a special Mammoth tusk nut made. Speaking of that nut…

Bone Nut Spotlight

H575 Mammoth Nut

The material is over 5,000 years old, but it takes a nice polish today! This isn’t a material we use every day, as it is rare and expensive, and also a bit harder to work (both material hardness and rough olfactorily). But on the rare times we do use it,
it sure looks and sounds great.

Acoustic Bone Nut

This one is the normal bone we use, and as always is beautiful to hear and to see!

Seymour Duncan Alternative 8

Duncan SH15 and TB15

This new pickup gets things hot and heavy! This is Duncan’s first pickup with an AlNiCo 8 magnet, which when paired with the hot coils produces a pickup with a huge sound. These are great for pushing high gain amps, and good for all rock styles.

Mystery Revealed

That assortment of plugs in the shape of EMG are part of the new EMG solderless installation system. This is standard with all the new EMG pickups, and can be retrofitted to the older ones (even the oldest with the hard-wired leads). We have the new pickups with the new system, and plenty of spares for retrofits. Come get yours today!

German Village Music Haus Credit Card!

NAMM Music Money card

We are happy to offer the German Village Music Haus credit card! Offered through GE Financial, in association with NAMM, this program allows us to offer our customers many options, from standard credit card transactions to 3, 6 or 12 months same as cash (some limitations apply…)! Applying is fast and easy, and approval decisions are instant! So now we can offer our easy layaway, or credit for those who wish to use it (and qualify). You can even move from layaway to credit (but not the other way…) and take your purchase home today! Come on in and apply for yours!