May 25

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Steve’s Tip of the Month:
Alternate Tunings
Steve Mitchell gets regular requests for instruction for songs that are recorded in tunings other than standard. For this column, Steve put together a group of common alternate tunings which are found in many popular recordings. It’s fun not only to play many songs as they were originally recorded, but also to play old standards using alternate tunings to give them new and interesting voicings. Alternate tunings are also fundamental to traditional slide guitar playing, which Steve also teaches.

Steve Mitchell in his lair

E tuning- E B E G# B E – If you hit all the strings open, it is exactly like playing a 1st position E chord, so if you barre across all six strings you would have a full Major chord. 1st fret F, 3rd-G, 5th-A, 7th-B, 8th-C, 10th-D, and 12th-E. Example 1 is a hybrid scale pattern that is used by just about everyone.

Alternate Tuning example 1
Alternate Tuning example 2

Example 2 is another hybrid pattern to use out of the open position.

Alternate Tuning example 3

The E tuning is probably the most common open tuning used today. Derek Trucks uses this tuning for everything. Duane Allman used this tuning for all his slide playing. The famous Statesboro Blues is played out of the key of D. All Duane Allman did is move Example 1 down to the 8th and 10th frets for his slow parts.

D Tuning- D A D F# A D – This tuning is exactly like the E tuning except every string is tuned down a whole step so all the same scale patterns apply, except every chord is down a whole step.

A Tuning- E A E A C# E – If you hit all the strings open its just like hitting a 1st position A chord. 1st fret Bb, 3rd-C, 5th-D, 7th-E, 8th-F, 10th-G, 12th-E Example 4 is a hybrid scale pattern with the root notes circled.

Alternate Tuning example 4
Alternate Tuning example 5

Example 5 is a open position hybrid scale pattern

Alternate Tuning example 6

G Tuning- D G D G B D – The G Tuning is exactly like the A tuning except every string is tuned down a whole step, so all A tuning scale patterns apply. This tuning was used a lot in the old Delta blues songs. It is also a favorite now days, maybe because it is easy to get to from your standard tuning. Your 2nd, 3rd and 4th strings stay the same.

C Tuning- C G C G C E – There are different forms of this used, the question is what string you tune to E. Mick Ralphs used some form of this on a lot of the Bad Company songs. If you get a chance, check out John Buttler, he uses the above tuning as his main tuning.

G&L ASATs and Legacy

New USA G&Ls in the Haus

3 stunning new G&L guitars are in the Haus! The Clear Blue ASAT Deluxe is a great piece of ash, and the humbuckers with coil splitting make for a very versatile, great sounding guitar. The Candy Apple Red ASAT Classic is, well, classic! The Ruby Red Legacy is an amazing guitar, and the color is addictive. Come on in and check them out!

Custom of the Month

Fred's Custom Mutt

This started life as two unrelated guitars, one a Kramer Focus (the neck) and the other an Electra (the body). It turned out to the a pretty cool guitar in the end.

Fred's Custom Mutt

The electronics give a lot of options with a fairly simple layout. The middle knob is volume for the middle pickup. The knob closest to the neck is is the master volume, and the push/pull switch on it switches the neck humbucker between series and parallel modes. The remaining knob is the master tone, and the push/pull on it does the series/parallel switching on the bridge pickup. The Kahler provides smooth tremolo function.

Fred's Custom Mutt

Neck and body needed help to mate together properly, as an added bonus the shimming matches the black and red color scheme of the instrument. Customizations can be big or small, almost anything you could want can be done.

Fred's Custom Mutt

DiMarzio Virtual Vintage

Dimarzio VV art shot

We have a fresh batch of Dimarzio Virtual Vintage pickups in stock! We think these are the best sounding Strat replacement pickups on the market. Once you experience them, you will too! These never stay in stock too long, come get your set soon!

German Village Music Haus Credit Card!

NAMM Music Money card

We are happy to offer the German Village Music Haus credit card! Offered through GE Financial, in association with NAMM, this program allows us to offer our customers many options, from standard credit card transactions to 3, 6 or 12 months same as cash (some limitations apply…)! Applying is fast and easy, and approval decisions are instant! So now we can offer our easy layaway, or credit for those who wish to use it (and qualify). You can even move from layaway to credit (but not the other way…) and take your purchase home today! Come on in and apply for yours!