Oct 03

IN THE HAUS Headlines!

Bill Foley Fine Instruments

The Future has begun!
We have the first official Bill Foley Fine Instruments necks and bodies in the Haus now! These will be built into highly desirable instruments in the next few weeks and available for purchase. We will be offering these special instruments as we get them built, but custom orders will happily be filled as well. Let us build your dream guitar for you!

First batch of Bill Foley necks

Custom of the Month
Joe's Customized Bass Body
We aren’t 100% sure what this bass started life as, but we are sure it is 100% cool now! With the Leo Quan BadAss bridge, EMG pickups and EQ (the middle pot is concentric), custom made pickguard, Dunlop 6100 fret wire and the new bone nut, this
bass has its own look and a really cool sound.
Joe's Customized Bass frets
This is big fret wire, and it looks and works great on this nice rosewood fingerboard.

Joe's Customized Bass headstock
The new bone nut and truss rod cover were the finishing touches. The body, neck and tuners are all that is left of the original parts. This rebuild project produced a very unusual and very cool instrument. What can we customize for you?

Upgrade Parts
Bunch of Parts

These are just a few of the many upgrade parts options we have available. New tuners, bridges, pickups, knobs, frets, nuts, saddles and more can make your instrument better, more fun and last longer. Take an instrument you already
love and make it even better!

Custom Build Guitar

L5-S body in progress
This is a custom build in progress. It is an L5-S made of mahogany with a quilt maple cap, finished in royal purple. The bridge is a locking TonePros, the pickups are Dimarzios with an Air Zone in the bridge and an Air Norton in the neck position. The volume pots are push-pull pots wired to switch from series to parallel for each pickup. The neck is quarter-sawn rock maple with an ebony fingerboard and Dunlop 6100 fret wire.

L5-S headstock in progress
The headstock has a quilt maple cap finished in royal purple as well, and Grover 18-1 tuners. The above was before the beautiful mammoth ivory nut was made for it. Below, you can see how that turned out…

L5-S headstock completed
The instrument is finished, and is a really great guitar. We can build one like it for you, with the woods, color, and pickups you want to have. Come talk to us about it, we can plan and build your dream guitar, too!

Bone Nut Spotlight

Bone Nut with lock

Nobody does bone nuts like we do, and here are two more examples to prove it. The above is one made for a guitar with a behind the nut locking mechanism, the below is a normal Strat nut. Bone nuts look great, last a lifetime and sound better. Why not come and get yours upgraded, too!

Bone Nut on Strat

German Village Music Haus Credit Card!

NAMM Music Money card

We are happy to offer the German Village Music Haus credit card! Offered through GE Financial, in association with NAMM, this program allows us to offer our customers many options, from standard credit card transactions to 3, 6 or 12 months same as cash (some limitations apply…)! Applying is fast and easy, and approval decisions are instant! So now we can offer our easy layaway, or credit for those who wish to use it (and qualify). You can even move from layaway to credit (but not the other way…) and take your purchase home today! Come on in and apply for yours!