Jun 20

IN THE HAUS Headlines!

Bill Foley Fine Instruments

Yin and Yang Basses

BFFI Basses

This beautiful pair of of basses covers the spectrum, from the angelic Blondie to the
slightly sinister Blackie. These two fine examples of Bill Foley Fine Instrument Super-jazz basses look, feel and sound like the superior instruments that they are. Both have light weight ash bodies, steel saddled ‘Lock-Down’ bridges, Hipshot Ultralight tuners, Schaller strap locks, bone nuts, and DiMarzio UltraJazz pickups, with EMG AfterBurners for that added active kick when desired.

BFFI Blondie Bass

The angelic Blondie got the blonde finish, with a three ply creme/black/creme pickguard and specially made creme colored DiMarzio UltraJazz pickups. The bound maple fingerboard has the white pearloid block inlays, with white pearloid inlays on the knobs to tie it all together. This bass got a lot of attention while it was
being built, it is a real stunner in all categories.

BFFI Blackie Bass

The dark twin has the black finish, with black/white/black pickguard and black pickups and a jet black ebony fingerboard. Come on in and find out what we can build for you!

Sparkling Kramer Tribute

Sparkle Body

This dazzling Kramer tribute is one shiny guitar! The camera had a hard time focusing on this sparkling beauty. The neck is a proper reproduction of an early Kramer hockey stick neck, this is like holding a brand new original Kramer. The sparkle finish covers a nice, light weight ash body. The Schaller tuners and German made Floyd Rose bridge are true to the original Kramers. The pickups are chrome bobbin DiMarzio Air Classics in the neck and bridge and a DiMarzio Virtual Vintage single coil in the middle. The three way switch controls the humbuckers, with the volume and tone knobs being on push/pull pots to switch the humbuckers from series to parallel mode (series is full output, parallel sounds more like a single coil while remaining hum canceling). The third knob dials in the middle pickup, so the tonal pallet is vast yet easy to control. This stunning guitar was built to rule the stage, come on in and check it out!

Sparkle Kramer Tribute


We have teachers that can help all levels of players. We have Guitar, Bass, Drum and Banjo instruction available, with professional teachers with plenty of experience playing as well as teaching. Give us a call or stop in, we will be happy to introduce you to the teachers (if they aren’t busy with a student at the time) and find you a spot on the schedule.

German Village Music Haus Credit Card!

NAMM Music Money card

We are happy to offer the German Village Music Haus credit card! Offered through GE Financial, in association with NAMM, this program allows us to offer our customers many options, from standard credit card transactions to 6 or 12 months same as cash (some limitations apply…)! Applying is fast and easy, and approval decisions are instant! So now we can offer our easy layaway, or credit for those who wish to use it (and qualify). You can even move from layaway to credit (but not the other way…) and take your purchase home today! Come on in and apply for yours!