Feb 13

IN THE HAUS Headlines!

Bill Foley Fine Instruments

Truly Custom Guitars

Bill Foley Fine Instruments has officially been launched! Check out the official web page at Bill Foley Fine Instruments and start picking yours out today!

Sam Spacial - Front

This BF-3 was specially built for Bill’s son, Sam. The finish is a BFFI special called Ghost Town Black, and looks even better in person. The neck pickup is a DiMarzio 36th Anniversary PAF, with another BFFI exclusive, the StepDown switch, which progressively removes part of one of the coils. You have full output humbucker in one position, a single coil at the other extreme and some interesting sounds you can not get anywhere else in between! The bridge pickup is a DiMarzio Virtual P-90, with a series/parallel switch for tonal variety. The Bigsby and TonePro’s locking bridge add in
to help make this an exceptional instrument!

Sam Special - Back

This is to show another view of the BFFI exclusive Ghost Town Black finish, there is color and depth the camera just can not do justice to!

Vintage Guitars

Many Fine Vintage Instruments In The Haus!

1935 Gibson Archtop

We have many fine vintage instruments available. This 1935 Gibson will be available for sale in late 2012, and we have many others that are available to take home today! In the photo with the Gibson Archtop are a 1920 Gibson A-Jr Mandolin and an early 1890’s Carl Vinzar violin, both of which are ready for new homes now. For example, we have a 1947 Gibson L-7, a 1965 Gibson Melody Maker, a 1915 Washburn bowl back mandolin and other interesting instruments available now.

Customized Guitars

Reborn Mexican Stratocaster

Customized Strat

This started out as just another Mexican Strat, but it is a pretty neat instrument now. We installed a new pickguard with a great set of DiMarzio Virtual Vintage pickups (Area ’61 in the neck, Area ’58 in the middle and a Virtual Solo in the bridge) and a fresh set of volume and tone pots (and all new wiring, of course), did the fret work and changed out the cheap plastic nut for a nice bone nut (see below image). This is now ready to rock the stage! We can handle whatever customization you want to do, from mild to wild, so come on in and let us help you make your guitar exactly what you have always wanted it to be!

Customized Strat Bone Nut


We have teachers that can help all levels of players. We have Guitar, Bass, Drum and Banjo instruction available, with professional teachers with plenty of experience playing as well as teaching. Give us a call or stop in, we will be happy to introduce you to the teachers (if they aren’t busy with a student at the time) and find you a spot on the schedule.