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Pyn Doll Artist Model, Truth

I was intrigued the first time I saw  the Barb Wire Dolls perform; drums, guitar and singer, and they filled up the musical spectrum, in a big way.
But I was also inspired. A guitar needed to be created that could cover not only rhythm and lead guitar functions, but fill the bottom end normally
assigned to basses equally as well. Additionally, the instrument needed to be able to sustain musically without limit to fit his playing style. Pyn
also plays in standard tuning, no drops, and straight into his amps, no pedals.
Out of these requirements, the guitar we named the Truth was crafted. I used a groundbreaking combination of our BF-3 big body and a Holey bowl-
cut, partially covered resonant chamber to enhance the bass response and overall musical sustaining properties of the instrument. This feature, combined
with a maximized bridge loading force, and the  unparalleled headstock force ratio of our Wave necks, provides the fundamental conditions necessary for
this guitar’s broad and powerful musical range to occur. This is then translated through EMG 85 pickups, an active bass and treble control, and an
additional EMG Afterburner preamp.
We are pleased to introduce our first Artist Model guitar, The Pyn Doll Truth.

Artist Model, Pyn Doll Truth


Rosewood fingerboard Wave neck on ash big body BF-3 in dirty black only
Rosewood fingerboard Wave headstock neck
Staggered slotted top K style tuners, nickel
Highly polished bone nut
Ash body, finished in matte dirty black only
Truth hammered into upper treble bout
Tone pro locking bridge, nickel
Tone Pro locking post tailpiece
Silvered semi-cover on Holey chamber behind tailpiece
Three chrome covered EMG 85 pickups, custom built three position toggle switch located on upper bass side bout. Position one: neck pickup, position two: middle and
bridge pickups, position three: bridge pickup. Four primary controls fan spread for easier access. Volume one works on neck pickup only; volume two works
middle and bridge pickups; in switch position two, however, bridge pickup may be turned off without affecting middle pickup; volume two works bridge pickup only in switch
position three. Master bass and treble stacked boost and cut control, EMG Afterburner continuously variable 20db preamp.
Electrosocket recessed output jack mounted on tail of body
Black “11” speed knobs
Schaller straplocks, chrome, with black felts

Hardshell case and certificate. Serial number identical to Pyn’s original Truth, except with sequential digit added

In The Haus Headlines!

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